w6dy – wasted

topped off yesterday with four hours of kayaking in the evening. got home past midnight. was not overly keen to get up at 0430. slept in. got to work when ordinary people get there and felt I was embarrasingly late. feel like a truck ran me over yesterday.

today I’ll get dave tate teach us all something. obviously, I dare say, the man has qualifications that demands the rest of us listen to the guy (or read his articles, as I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting him in person).

on elitefts there is a list with fourteen articles that you should read if you are interested in training. I’m gonna work through the list during this week. if you’re up for it, please share your insights with me in the comments.

tate also wrote about internet gurus. contrary to popular belief, being a guru might not be a bad thing at all. I find that article worth reading as well, and you can find it here. an excerpt of sorts (some things deleted) can be seen below:

1. You can be set in your ways but that doesn’t mean your ways are right and can’t be improved.

2. Read everyday and look outside the box for solutions you can bring inside it to become better.

3. Always listen to ideas from others.

4. If you run with the lame you will become lame.

5. Give, give, give and give more.

6. You can’t control others but you can control yourself.

7. Learning is not reinforcing what you already know.

8. Talk with professionals in your field whom you do not agree with and look for why.

9. Learn what you know enough to debate it if questions.

10. Spend more time questioning why you do what you do instead of patting yourself on the back for how awesome what you do is.

now go out and be good people.


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