w4d2 – bos(s) island

For two days, I’m doing things at Bosön. The swedish sports federation, among others, operate this quite impressive facility where athletes come to train and take physical tests.

The Norwegian wrestling team was there. A group of murderers, by the look of it.

Together with a small group of people from my hospital, I’m attending a crash course in sports medicine. From what we’ve learned so far, purpose #1 is to educate us enough to avoid future retarded referrals from physicians who think they know stuff but really don’t. So far it’s all good.

Yesterday we talked about kids and youth in sports. Got some insight in how the skeleton grows and how the muscles does not, but stretch to the proper length over time. Also, we got to hear from a physiotherapist how parents can be the worst people to deal with once they’re sure their offspring is the new tiger woods.

main lift

Deadlifts. Should have been 3 / 3 / 3+. I thought ”damn it all” and went for a new PR.
5x 20 kg
5x 60 kg
5x 80 kg
5x 100 kg
5x 120 kg
5x 140 kg
5x 160 kg
4x 180 kg
1x 190 kg
1x 200 kg
1x 210 kg (PR)
5x 170 kg

First things first. The program called for a 3+ set of 170 kg, which I made sure to get before leaving. With regards to PR hunting, I figured this place made for a good environment to lift in. Good equipment, platform-like floor, no need to be overly cautious about not dropping the bar after locking out the rep. I had to try four times to get 210 kg. Decided not to leave without getting the lift, and I didn’t.

Looking forward, I feel that bench and squat deserves more love for some time.

assistance lift

Squats, olympic-style all the way down, narrow stance.

5 sets of 10 reps at 102.5 kg.

Just wanted to see how it felt to squat like this. It worked pretty well, and the was comfortably light. Hesitant to squat like this with a heavier load on my shoulders.

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5 kommentarer till w4d2 – bos(s) island

  1. Fatman skriver:

    Nice deadlift PR. I did some Olympic-style squats yesterday and they did not feel good. But I’ll keep doing them because I feel masochistic… I mean, like they’re helping me with quads or something.

  2. James skriver:

    ”PR Hunting.” I like it. 😀

  3. celicaxx skriver:

    All my squats are Olympic unless I say otherwise. Lowbar is lame.


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