w3dx – no calorie left behind

vincent dizenzio wrote

There are guys like Wendler and Rhodes who just took weight off by eating less. Some guys and ladies can do that, not me. I not only conditioned myself to eat like a pig to gain 120+ lbs since starting powerlifting, I just love food. It’s hard for me to believe, but there are some people who just don’t love food. You have seen these people. They are the ones who actually leave food on their plate. Meanwhile, I’m the guy licking up the extra crumbs. Truly living the motto, “No calorie left behind.”

first, I like how he totally makes a joke out of the ”no child left behind” concept, although at first glance NCLB seems pretty neat in that you officially want all kids to benefit from school. without any real effort, I found some criticism of the act that raises valid points. anyhow, that’s not what this blog is about even though I consider education at all levels to be a topic of great importance.

back on topic, I’ve been thinking about losing a small amount of weight. a couple of weeks ago, I weighed in at 106+ kg. a major reason for this uncontrolled weight gain is the increasingly perceived stress I’ve been experiencing since last fall. regardless, my lifts have increased. I believe to have gained both muscle mass and strength due to eating a lot, but also a significant amount of body fat. the fat gain, I dare to speculate, is accentuated by the fact I’ve eaten loads of candy.

this morning, I weighed in at 103.6 kg after adhering to a very mild caloric restriction for some time. I assume the lion part of this weight loss to be water, however.  the purpose of a small caloric restriction is to cut weight slowly, so as to still be able to lift and experience progress while doing so.

this is not a journey, this is not a great experience. I’ve cut weight before and suffered while doing so. heck, I’ve competed in -88 kg before I acquired pericarditis, had to undergo heart surgery and lost my inner drive.

this is just to, hopefully, be a bit less fat. and to get a better wilks score.

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5 kommentarer till w3dx – no calorie left behind

  1. jaysun1971 skriver:

    My dad almost died from bacterial pericarditis. Nasty stuff, that. NCLB is good and bad. I’m a teacher and am directly affected by it. What pisses me off is that I have worked my ass off and spent money to meet the ”highly qualified teacher” requirements but haven’t gotten a pay increase of any kind in 5 years.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      It can indeed be a harsh condition.

      I like the idea, as far as I understand it, with NCLB. Do you care to elaborate on your thoughts here?

      • jaysun1971 skriver:

        The pros/con’s list that you linked are valid; currently, the law is up for reapproval by congress. The drive to test, test, test is ridiculous and has created a situation where testing companies have become policy makers through lobbying and created a vicious cycle of ”quid pro quo,” which ultimately is a lose/lose for the students.

      • lyftapajobbet skriver:

        Testing companies? That’s something we don’t have in Sweden, as far as I know.
        Everything is state regulated and controlled. And I love it, most of the time.

        Does the high frequency of tests make students burn themselves out, in your experience?

      • jaysun1971 skriver:

        Yes, testing companies. Pearson Vue is one. Big money, think about it; due to NCLB, every public school student is subject to tests.
        Yes, it burns them out. As an elementary special education teacher, I have to provide specific accommodations for those kids. We began testing in early March and finished the second week of May.


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