w3d3+d4 – roundup

life hit me like a truck. writing about bench and squats in the same post is a bit lazy, but I can do what I want since I’m a grownup. also, as a grownup, I’m aiming to change my everyday movement pattern and walk more. 7000 steps per day is apparently a goal for adults. so far, I’ve been crushing that and I mean to keep it up.

slept in today for the first time since I can’t really remember when. very pleasant, much wow, such snore.

thursday / d3

main lift

bench press, 5 / 3 / 1+. after warmup:

  1. 5x 77 kg
  2. 3x 87 kg
  3. 5x 97 kg
  4. 3x 97 kg (joker)
  5. 2x 98 kg (joker)
  6. 2x 98 kg (joker)
  7. 1x 99.5 kg (joker)

the spring collars were nowhere to be found. I had to use screw collars instead, and they weighed 1 kg per piece. thus, I lifted a few more kgs than I originally planned to. not that I mind. pretty happy with the five reps in my last set.

since forever, my upper body has always been weaker than my lower body. even if that is still the case, relatively speaking, it feels good to establish that my upper body strength is increasing in absolute terms.

assistance lifts

military press (supersets with band pullaparts, a total of 300) reps:

  1. 10x 54.5 kg
  2. 10x 54.5 kg
  3. 10x 54.5 kg
  4. 10x 54.5 kg
  5. 10x 54.5 kg

should have been 52.5 kg, but just as above I later realised that the weight was slightly heavier due to the screw collars. the last set was a grind, by the way.

lats pulldowns (vertical grips)

  1. 10x 80 kg
  2. 10x 80 kg
  3. 10x 80 kg
  4. 10x 80 kg
  5. 10x 75 kg

nothing special, but I believe lat pulldowns really hit the lats.

friday / d4

main lift

squat, 5 / 3 / 1+. after warmup:

  1. 5x 118.5 kg (5)
  2. 3x 133.5 kg (3)
  3. 3x 150 kg (1+)
  4. 1x 160 kg
  5. 1x 170 kg
  6. 0x 175 kg (failed PR attempt)
  7. 3x 150 kg
  8. 3x 151 kg
  9. 3x 151 kg
  10. 3x 152.5 kg
  11. 3x 152.5 kg
  12. 2x 153.5 kg

I aimed for a 1 rep PR since jaysun hit 380 lbs recently.sadly, I had to admit defeat in this regard.this PR attempt is the reason I only did 3 reps i my 1+ set. I try to find solace in my back off/joker sets.

assistance lifts

good mornings, supersets with band pullaparts.

  1. 10x 83.5 kg
  2. 10x 83.5 kg
  3. 10x 83.5 kg

I ran out of time.


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9 kommentarer till w3d3+d4 – roundup

  1. jaysun1971 skriver:

    Summon your inner Swedish viking. Call on the spirit of Hoa Hoa. Nice job on all the lifts. 54.5kg MPx10 is very good. I’m going to try it. Hell, all the lifts are solid.

  2. celicaxx skriver:

    I did not know this dad bod thing was a thing until I read some Huffington Post bullshit or something. I do not think this is actually a real thing, I think they just made up as propaganda or something.

    But this is a good video. So replace Digimon reruns instead of books with Gundam and VOTOMS, replace retarded cousin with self, and keep ratio of pizza and beer all the time and gym all the time the same and he has accurately described my life. Also want someone to assure me my shitty life is adequate.

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