people at the gym – the crossfit guy

I wish I had photographic evidence of crossfit guy and his existence, but alas, I do not. there is one guy who builds a circuit of stations and I thought he was the king of this. it turns out he’s only #2. at best. because, today I met the one true king: crossfit guy.

he wears the compulsory shorts over tights, longsleeve under t-shirt, barefoot running shoes. while I was doing krocs and feeling generally awesome, he set up his stuff:

  • the squat rack, with 70 kg total, which I estimate to be his body weight. not overly muscular, as far as I could tell, but no complete wimp (like me) either.
  • the dip rack
  • a bench, for laying on his back and doing straight leg raises
  • a chins bar, for…chins

all in all, it looked like a solid crossfit workout, as far as I understand it. personally, I might have preferred doing something barbell-related, like a complex, but to each his own.

a short evaluation of his exercises:

  • squats: stance too narrow for him to handle. good morning-hybrid. stopped well above parallell. he did sets of 3-5, though.
  • push-presses/jerk: not sure what he was aiming for here. the weight was too much for him and he couldn’t lock it out. also, he did sort of jerk it, but took half a step forward, which only seemed to be bad for his balance (he dropped the barbell on the rack).
  • dips: it was sort of a dip. not really, as he didn’t go with shoulders below elbows or try to lock out the arms. it looked like a children’s toy, oscillating narrowly around a center point.
  • leg raises: these were good stuff. also, he got to show off his ass to the whole gym. note to self: if you wear shorts over tights, make sure to pull either pair of pants up enough to cover your crack.
  • chins: sort of. crossfit, epileptic chins in sets of 8 or 9. thats how many I do for assistance, but without the spasms.

all in all, he put in a solid workout of four laps while singing along to the radio. at least he did spread happiness around him. 🙂

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En kommentar till people at the gym – the crossfit guy

  1. ruinchristmas skriver:

    This guy must fly back and forth between Sweden and the US to do his workouts. I swear he comes to my gym too!


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