people at the gym – long-haired guy

I’ll try something new here and start sharing things that are not strictly related to my lifting.

at the gym where I train, there are different kinds of people due to the gym being exclusively (if you want to call it that) for hospital staff. not everyone is medically trained, of course.

this morning, I met one of the guys that annoys the hell out of me. let’s call him long-haired guy since he has longish hair that was once brightly blonde. he is fond of dressing in large clothes while in the gym. a big sweat shirt, heavy pants, big shoes. this makes him look really big, and he seems to be reasonably strong when benching. I’ve seen him do sets of 100 kg with no apparent problem. other than that, I can’t really say.

since I have never spoken to him, and thus I cannot have an informed opinion about how he really is, I just judge him for his actions. some of those actions are as follows:

  • makes lots of noise. I do not have a problem, at all, with this if you are lifting heavy things. however, if you bench 20 kg, please do not grunt like you are lifting ten times more. this applies to all lifts and exercises.
  • just gets up and leaves when his sets are done. to me, it is common gym sense to put back the weights on the rack in good order when you leave. if you sweat a lot (like me), it might also make sense to wipe off the bench. this would of course not necessarily apply to a private gym, where the rules might be a lot different.
  • possibly tries to impress the few women who lifts free weights. the majority of the ladies in the gym stick to the machines. a few, however, lift free weights and are quite serious with their lifting. long-haired guy takes their presence as an opening to find a mate. he signals this by grunting more, spitting on the floor and using heavier weights than he perhaps should have done.
  • he builds small circuits of work-stations throughout the gym. those stations are his alone, and he does not appreciate if those are messed with. of course, he does not take his stuff away once he’s done.

I like to think that he is a really nice guy underneath all this. also, I wonder where he actually works.

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4 kommentarer till people at the gym – long-haired guy

  1. ruinchristmas skriver:

    haha…spitting on the floor!? Really? This would get you thrown out of any gym in the US. (btw does it actually impress the women? just checking in case I ever go to Sweden). ”Builds small circuits of work-stations throughout the gym” – LOL we have a guy who does that and then enters into lengthy conversations. I counter him by unloading the equipment that is farthest from him so that he has to sprint across the gym waving his hands at me, while I pretend to be oblivious due to my headphones. Then I apologize profusely, but don’t help him reload the bar. Several episodes of this seems to have cured him. Try it and see what happens.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      I haven’t investigated, but I doubt his behavior makes him (more) successful with the ladies.

      haha. playing innocent mind games on people and getting away with it is glorious!

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